The Virtual Chief Information Security Officier

Our virtual CISO program levels the playing field in a hostile environment by providing executive part-time virtual CISO services with tools, skills, and services that give you everything you need to to build a robust security program and manage compliance.

What is involved in our vCISO program? Find out how we leverage our years of expperience to help your organization.

Assurance Program

We help you build a program that assures you will achieve, and more importantly, maintain compliance. We also help you develop a detailed narrative of systems and controls that can be shared with auditors, regulators, or clients.

Audit Readiness

We design controls to prove compliance with every framework. We conduct formal internal audits at least annually and conduct Privacy Readiness Assessments if desired. We monitor implement Business and Privacy Impact Analysis.


We meet monthly with you to answer your questions and report progress. We manage security awareness training for your employees and track user acknowledgements.


We have a secure portal to collect evidence, manage risks, and address issues timely. A dashboard shows security risks, compliance posture, assets, and tracking of incidents.

Risk Management

We use online surveys, review of controls, technical testing, industry research, and expert interviews. A report on prioritized risks will be discuss with executives to determine treatment. We will track completion of remediation efforts.

Guaranteed Certification

We guarantee you will obtain and retain certification as long as we manage the program or we will pay for the repeat external audit. We provide live support for all security audits.

Business Continuity Program

We help you develop a robust BCP, conduct effective exercises, and monitor your backup and restoration procedures. We also develop an Incident Management program and create or review and optimize incident response plans.

Attack Simulations and Security Assessments

We perform recon on your network infrastructure, identify potential risks, validate controls and recommend improvements. We also conduct regular vulnerability scans your systems.

Special Projects

We lead security-related projects and ensure they comply with organization objectives. As well as help with Vendor vetting, Future proofing, and Quality Assurance.

Layer0 vCISO

  • 1/3 the cost of CISO​
  • Complete management of Risk and Compliance​
  • Compliance-as-a-Service​
  • Technical and compliance testing included​
  • Diverse Team of CISO-level support​
  • Audit preparation included

Hiring a CISO

  • $200-$250k/year compensation​
  • Often technically savvy but weak on compliance​
  • Manual checks or must build or buy.​
  • Outsource technical testing and audit functions​
  • Must learn skills or hire consultants​
  • Audit preparation support is $30k+​

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