Network Penetration Testing

Find the holes in your network before the attackers do.

What is a Layer0 Network Penetration Test?

The “penetration test” has become commoditization in the industry. With numerous companies from Managed Service/IT Providers to legitimate security firms offering something that will check a box. At Layer0 we don’t just run a couple automated tools and hand you a report that makes no sense. We take the time to understand your organization, understand the risks faced, and provide actionable information to you.

How will your network do when under attack?

Whether ransomware, corporate espionage, a disgruntled administrator, or any of the thousands of possibilities; your organization faces threats every day. Even with thousands of dollars spent on network appliances and security software, one small configuration issue could mean the compromise of your organization.

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PHASE 0 We meet with key stakeholders to understand the needs of your organization, including regulatory and compliance requirements, to determine the scope of work. Taking into account the industry, size and complexity of the in-scope environment, and other factors we will provide a timeline, scope of work and documents for authorization to begin testing.

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance)


Using both open source and propriety techniques to gather information about the organization. Information gathered will influence further operations. Adversary simulations may include onsite recon to gauge perimeter controls. Activities that may be included as part of this section include:

  • Meta Data Harvesting
  • Data mining and research
  • Social Media Information Gathering
  • Network Recon
  • RF/Wireless Profiling and Recon
  • Site Visits and Physical Recon
  • UAV Recon Flights

Threat Modeling

PHASE 2 Now that recon activities are completed, the findings gathered in phase 1 are investigated to see if further results can be achieved. Using information provided about the organization and its operations we look for what goals threat actors might have and what are the paths of least resistance to completing the objective.

Vulnerability Analysis

PHASE 3 We identify exposures and associated vectors of attack using commercially available vulnerability scanners, proprietary tools, and manual testing from skilled team members. Our goal is to use the same type of tools used by threat actors to compromise organizations and to ensure accurate and meaningful results.

Exploitation & Penetration

PHASE 4 Our team attempts to circumvent security controls and exploit identified vulnerabilities to gain initial access to the in-scope environment, simulating a real-world attack. We explore all avenues that can be used to breach the systems. Layer0 will make use of both commercially available and proprietary tools to conduct the exercise. Once initial access is gained, we will attempt to gain further access throughout the organization using both native and non-native resources.


PHASE 5 Following the exercise, we will meet with your organization’s experts to gauge the effectiveness of existing controls. We gather more information to determine where sensitive data may be exposed on systems exploited during the assessment. We take the time to incorporate a security architecture review, data flows, and business operations to complete our analysis. Additional testing like password strength testing, configuration audits and log analysis will take place at this stage to provide greater visibility into the existing controls and infrastructure.


PHASE 6 When the engagement is complete, we will present an executive summary, a comprehensive
listing of all findings, and recommendations to directly address the risks to your organization.
If desired, both our testing team and architecture team are available to provide guidance throughout the remediation phase as well. 

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